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BESS Certificate (Vic Only)

More Victorian councils are requesting the BESS Certificate as an input for SDA’s.

We offer a fast, reliable assessment of your development project.

During the planning permit stage of developments, more and more Victorian councils are requesting ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) assessments to be completed. The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is an online assessment tool which can be used to create Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) reports or Sustainability Management Plans (SMP) for development projects.

The tool is designed to assist builders, developers and the community how a proposed development meets sustainable requirements. Designs are evaluated for the following areas:

  • Energy / water efficiency
  • Thermal comfort
  • Overall environmental sustainability performance

The BESS assessment is focused on nine categories which include management, water, energy, stormwater, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), transport, waste, urban ecology and innovation. Once completed the tool also offers guidance towards improving the project’s score.

The BESS assessment tool can be used to assess the following projects:

  • Single Houses
  • Townhouse Developments
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Large non-residential or mixed-use developments

How much does a BESS Certificate cost?

The cost will vary dependent on the size and complexity of the project and therefore requires an individual quote.

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