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The design of your renovation could end up costing $1,000’s more in fees and waiting weeks for approval.

We determine the most cost-effective design that meets council regulations.

The difference between a CDC & DA can save you $1,000’s

Whether you need a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Development Application (DA) for your project depends on several factors, including: boundary setbacks, lot size and type of street frontage. As a rule of thumb, less complex new builds and renovations to existing properties tend to comply to CDC codes, while a challenging site and ambitious build will most likely require a DA.

I think I need a CDC

A CDC is generally a much faster process than being granted a DA, but to gain a CDC your renovation must meet specific regulations determined by the State Government and/or local council codes. These requirements are required and rarely negotiable.

The CDC process is suited to more simple renovations and alterations such as:

  • Residential construction
  • Residential renovations and minor extensions
  • Carports or garage construction
  • Building demolition
  • Small retail or commercial developments
  • Interior alterations/reconfigurations

By engaging us to certify your application you generally achieve a fast-tracked approval within a week.

How much does a renovation/alteration compliance audit cost?

The cost will vary dependent on the size and complexity of the project and therefore requires an individual quote.

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